MickeyRay's Steaks
8 oz Sirloin  ( our most popular steak) 14.00
10 oz Rib Eye  (marbled center cut) 19.00
16 oz Rib Eye  (for the bigger appetite) 29.00
New York Strip  (center cut strip known for it's flavor) 23.00
We serve only the finest aged, corn-fed RR Ranch Beef, raised in the Northwest.  Includes side salad or MickeyRay’s Chili and Big Idaho Baker
MickeyRay’s serves only RR Ranch Prime and USDA Upper Choice Beef raised in the Northwest and All-Natural Premium Pork raised in Iowa. It is smoked over maple wood every day for 18 hours. Our recipes have been passed down through our families for generations and we are proud to share them with you. We consider you to be family and we’re glad you stopped by! rr ranch logo