What People Say About MickeyRays

I work in Eagle and we have been enjoying your restaurant from it's birth. We like to bring business contacts there as they always enjoy the experience. My favorite is your Burnt Ends but I haven't tried anything I haven't liked (the fried pickles are awesome).

Anyway, my boss and I went on a business trip to Kansas City in March. While there we told them we had to try at least one of the world famous BBQ places. We visited Gates and Oklahoma Joe's which are considered two of the mid-west's best BBQ joints. The food was great, and well worth the trip and the money. On the ride back to the hotel my boss and I got talking and we came to this conclusion:

We are so glad we had the chance to go somewhere that is famous the world over for it's bbq because it only made us appreciate what we have here in the Treasure Valley. Mickey, your food is every bit as good and in some ways better than what we had in Kansas City. I have always known you were good and when you did so well in Georgia last year I was happy for you. Now I realize how lucky we are to have such great food right down the street. Thanks neighbor.


  • I have eaten at MickeyRays BBQ multiple times. I order the brisket and pork every single time because I LOVE it! Best BBQ in Boise!  Plus, check out the okra and hush puppies....great food! 





  • This place was really fun, relaxed, and the food was tasty. The portions were HUGE!!! All in all best BBQ I've had in a while. The service was spot-on and Mickey came out to the table and chatted me up about the food. 


  • Great pulled pork sandwich! The sweet tea hits the spot I'm from the south and like a hint of tea with my sugar! Excellent food all the way around! 


  • Best BBQ in the Treasure Valley!  Authentic southern food.




  • Honey and I had lunch there the other day.  Split a sandwich (plenty of food for two).  The chopped pork sandwich was amazing!  Not greasy.  Great fries.  And I am an iced tea aficionado! This was strong and dark and fresh, just as it should be.  Reasonably priced.  Place was cute.  Come on Eagle, eat out tonight!